Quick Escape Library Walkthrough

By | November 17, 2012

Level 4 of quick escape game from mobest media is here ! see the solution on quick escape library walkthrough !

It’s time to get some fresh air, but the door is locked ! so you need to find 6 key in order to get out

here are the help answer where to find each key :
get a key above the shelf near fireplace
zoom in the fireplace, to put out the fire do some magic trick : shake your device
the key is too hot, so you need a tool to pick it up

find a bucket behind the plant
use it on faucet to get a water, also when you zoom in you can see a key under the shelf
get a tool from the sofa, under the left pillow
now back to the fireplace and pick the key using the tool and put it on the bucket

solve the picture puzzle to get a key
look at the length of each book it’s : small – wide – normal – medium
put these order on the bottom left part of shelf near fireplace to get another key

look behind the plant to get a cloth
use it on the left mirror on the shelf, start swipe the dust to uncover the roman number
the result of the math is 312 use it on the right mirror to get the last key

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