Ravenstone Mine Quest List

By | April 26, 2011

Ravenstone Mine Quest List ! After you reach level 10 and unlock ravenstone mine, you can go to the mine and find a lot of new things !


if you’re confuse and wonder how the ravenstone mine works, there are a lot of new quest that can guide you so you will learn new things while doing each mission

here are the list of ravenstone mine quest, i still haven’t finish all though but i hope it can help you with the requirements and rewards :

welcome to the mine quest
– collect 10 stone
hint : you might encounter a dangerous monster or two while mining

reward : 500 XP + 500 gold + 1 energy

welcome pergium quest
– collect 3 pergium
hint : you can get pergium from some machines you build

reward : 450 XP + 450 gold + 1 energy + pergium

crate supplies quest
– have 3 crates (of any kind)
hint : decorations work just the same as they do in ravenwood, look for them in shoppe

reward : 550 XP + 550 coins

new kid on the blok quest
– have a storage tank
hint : storage tanks can be located in the ravenstone shoppe

rewards : 600 XP + 600 coins

quell the quakes quest
– have 1 powered roof support to slow down the quakes
hint : powered roof supports are found in the ravenstone shoppe under machines

rewards : 500 XP + 500 coins

building blocks quest
– collect 3 bricks
hint : certain machines are better at building bricks than others, such as the shotcrete machine

rewards : 550 XP + 550 coins

dem rocks quest
– clear out 4 rocks
hint : just like the trees up above, the rocks down here grow back over time

rewards : 600 XP + 600 gold + 1 energy

seat of the ancients quest
– find the ruined throne of the mole king
– tell spelunky about the ruins
hint : the throne is buried on the western side of your mine, scroll on over

rewards : 525 XP + 500 coins

the chairman quest
– find 4 broken stone tablets
– bring the broken stone tablets to spelunky
hint : the tablet pieces have got to be buried in your mine, try digging for them

rewards : 550 XP + 550 coins + 1 energy

the stone speaks quest
– talk to spelunky and he will read the mole king’s story to you
– thank spelunky for the history lesson
hint : spelunky is well versed in ancient moleish

rewards : 575 XP + 575 coins + 1 flame blast

gather the goods quest
– collect 1 torch staff
– collect 4 wolfram
– collect 6 flame crystals
hint : wolfram and flame crystals can be mined or received from friends, get the torch staff from chopping trees in your fair

rewards : 500 XP + 500 coins + 1 energy

life from the stone quest
– use 6 vitalin gems
hint : vitalin gems are very rare, you won’t find more than one a day

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