Ravenwood Fair Easter Egg Hunt

By | April 21, 2011

Ravenwood Fair Easter Egg Hunt is ON! Familiarize yourself with the Egg Hiding and Hunting process and get started.

search for hidden easter eggs in your fair, hide some eggs in your friend’s fairs too !

how to find easter eggs in ravenwood fair ?
In order to find eggs that have been hidden in your fair you MUST have the Egg Detector decoration. It’s one of the quests, but if you can’t wait, you can pick it up in Ye Olde Shoppe under the Decorations tab. Now you can find the eggs your neighbors have hidden in your fair. Just look for glittering decorations and click on them to make hidden eggs pop out. You can use these eggs to build new Easter Items!

– Easter Quest Chain starts at level 5 or higher
– Hide eggs in neighbor’s Decorations!
– Find eggs in your Decorations with the help of the Egg Detector
– Decorations “glimmer” when hidden eggs are in them (you’ll see).

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