Ravenwood Fair Ravenstone Mine be Mine Quest

By | April 26, 2011

Ravenwood Fair Ravenstone Mine be Mine Quest ! ‎Ravenstone Mine has launched! If you are level 10 or above keep an eye out for Skelly who will help guide you through the mine!


to unlock ravenstone mine you must finish this quest first : ravenstone mine be mine

the requirements quite easy you’ll need 3 very explosive sticks of dynamite, plus a match to kick things off
– have 3 dynamite
– have 1 match
– tell skelly when you’re all done

how to get match and dynamite in ravenwood fair ?
you can find these items by chopping trees in your neighbors’ fairs

rewards : 500 XP + 10 energy + 6 brick

when you’re done skelly will says There you go! It’s time for a brand-new adventure, and my boys are ready for more work! and you can go to ravenstone mine 🙂

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  • cheryl

    What happened to the mine in ravenwood? I have no more quest and I have not been able to do too much, I am at level 34 and am playing Ravenskye, my quest in the mine are gone. But I have not unlocked alot!