Real Size Gundam RX-78 Completed

By | June 10, 2009

Remember my old post about 1/1 scale Gundam or Real Size Gundam for the Gundam 30th Anniversary, well it’s still half finished right ? still about the body and legs. But now… it’s Finished !!! though it’s not open for public yet =P

As you can see here in the picture.. it’s really big =)

Look at the detail the construction workers has done, nice !!

I think now they’re doing some finishing touches on this life sized Gundam. This is really a masterpiece. Good job guys ! I can’t wait to see it at night where the lights will cover this real size Gundam when the finishing touches done =)

And for some directions to see this Gundam RX-78 :
1.) Take the Yamanote line (Shinagawa, Tokyo, Ueno, Shibuya, and Shinjuku JR stations all are on the Yamanote line) to Shimbashi station.
2.) At JR Shimbashi station, follow signs to the Yurikamome Line. It is in a seperate building.
3.) Purchase a ticket for 310 yen for Daiba station.
4.) When inside Daiba station. Take a left and look out the window. You will see it. Just get ground level and head that direction. I perfer to take the North Exit and the right stair case down. But you can also take the stairs near the statue of liberty and make a left.
5.) The Gundam is in North Shiokaze Park.

take a picture and share with us 😀

more photos you can see at Moe Passion via punynari

Yay i found photo of Real Size Gundam RX-78 at sunset and night =)

here’s at sunset.. where the sun went to sleep 😛

and at night where the Gundam RX-78 really looks cool with those lights 🙂