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By | July 10, 2009

For you who love to play Restaurant City by Playfish on Facebook, i found a Restaurant City cheats 😛 Yeah just like Word Challenge Cheat and The Sims 3 Cheat.. just for fun okay :P.

Oh if you don’t want cheating, you can always see Restaurant City tips and trick

Some programs that you’ll need for Restaurant City cheats :
Cheat Engine 5.5
Restaurant City Tools 5
Adobe Flash Player 9 or 10

Okay let’s begin 😛

Here’s some basic screenshots for Restaurant City Cheats 🙂

Remember input the right value for the right cheats.

Update Restaurant City Working Cheat December :

Restaurant City Piaip

You won’t need cheat engine for Restaurant City if you use this tool.
You will need:
1. firefox
2. new piaip restaurant city hack

1. Open restaurant city.
2. Open piap restaurant city hack.
3. Select the firefox browser.
4. Select the cheats that you want then click patch.
– stamina cheat
– fast cooking
– fast serving
– fast customers
– no toilets 🙂
Credits to piaip for making this awesome patcher.

Old cheat :

Restaurant City Stamina, Cook fast, Bill Fast, Eat Fast and Clean Fast

Step 1: Login into Restaurant City and earn 2 coins from a food
Step 2 : Open your cheat engine for process list and choose internet explorer.
Step 3 : Scan D85D89C33B28408B with Hex, 8 Bytes and also read memory.
000001208689C22B ( Stamina Cheat)
0001248B8B10468B (Cook Fast )
4F840FE04589C085 (Serve // Bill Fast)
D9280F66D02A0FF2 (Toliet)
000020820FE87D89 (Work Fast)
Step 4 : Copy the results and paste it into the code generator link below and click ENTER.

RC Tools online 5.21 for FLASH PLAYER 9.0
RC Tools online 5.21 for FLASH PLAYER 10.0
Restaurant City Experience Cheat

Step 5 : You will see a list of code generated. Simply copy the whole chunk of code.
Step 6 : Paste to your cheat engine and tick the cheat that you want to activate.

Restaurant City Tree Coins

1. On your Restaurant City application.
2. Open your cheat engine for process list and choose Firefox.
3. Click on any tree in the game.
4. Scan 8B4B088B4964895DE88D55E88BF9 with hex, array of bytes and ASROM.
5. Right click the address and click Disassemble
6. Search for “je xxxxxx” and right click select “Replace with code that does nothing” and click ok.
7. Go back to the game and start clicking on the trees and the coins will just keep popping through.
8. Now back in ce5.5, NEW SCAN “83C101894860B804000000E90800
9. 1 address returned. Disassemble it.
10. You’ll see the line “add ecx, 01”
11. Change 01 to 1e
12. Now this is going to be repetitive. Basically you just click tree, get coin, click redecorate, shift some furniture, click the tick to save, click tree again, get coin, click redecorate and the cycle goes on. Don’t forget to redecorate each time to save!!!
13. And you will probably get sick of doing this =D but heyyy lots of people asking for restaurant city coins cheat, so here you go :p All the really good cheats have been patched, so just take these leftovers alright. At least Patiniox is still trying to find new loopholes for you guys!

see this video guide for more info :

Note: I think the cheat below doesn’t work anymore, but some of you still want to try 🙂

Restaurant City Cheats Fast Level to 32

Steps :
1. Open your RC and Cheat Engine 5.5
2. On Cheat Engine Tick HEX, Also scan Read-only memory and 8 bytes, when RC loads scan FFFFFFB8D02A0FF2.
3. You will Find 1 address, right click it and clicked Disassemble it.
4. You will be able to see mov eax, FFFFFFFF change it to mov eax, 00004e20
5. Go back to Restaurant City and everytime your waiter clear the plates you will get an increase of 4,000 exp points.

Restaurant City Cheats How to get more Coins With Rubbish

Steps :
1. Open your RC and Cheat Engine 5.5
2. On Cheat Engine Tick HEX,Also scan Read-only memory and don’t change 4 bytes, when RC loads scan 0000D49189D32B
3. You will Find 1 address,double click it,it will go down and copy its address.
4. Paste it on Restaurant City Tools 5
5. Get the Code
6. Paste it in Cheat Engine (description)
7. Set Enable for Rubbish Cheat (only rubbish cheat)
8. Now there will be many rubbish to click ( 1 click = 1 coin 🙁 ) remember to click 29 rubbish only, if you click more it’ll be crash >.< 9. After 29 click then save, redecorate move anything click save. and start click 29 again ( over and over again 🙂 ) Yeah i know it's a small amount but it works 😛

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  • Hi

    the tree hack does not work anymore

  • Leon

    hey does this still works for 2010 ??

  • Alice

    can u tell cheat for restaurant city coins the easier way like the cheat for Fast to level 32 but only for coins?

  • k3nny

    restaurant city exp cheat doesn’t work anymore but used to

  • Star

    Something new for the new update??????nothing is not working anymore.the new update is sucks.

  • Sun

    New cheats 4 update please!

  • jonita

    id like to know items arrangement cheats on restaurant city where the curtains etc.can also be dividers.the ones on youtube didnt work for me.tnx