Restaurant City Circus Items

By | November 3, 2009

Restaurant City Circus Items. New items in restaurant city and it’s circus theme 🙂

Here’s the picture of the new items :

This time for the OUTDOOR area you can make your building all spruced up with the Circus inspired items!
– Circus Tent
– Sea Lion Decor

For your the INSIDE of your restaurant, you can get your tables and chairs all fruited up!
– Red and White Stripes
– Black Brick
– Blue Stripes
– Metal Double Door
– Rocking Horse Decor
– Kiwi Green Chair
– Kiwi Table
– Orange Chair
– Orange Table

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    Noticed the new customer status (thought bubble)? Don’t know what they’re looking for! Looks gray and rectangular this time..

    Also, maybe you’d like to share this, we can make things float!!! ^_^

    Stack items and then remove the items at the bottom. The ones above will be left hanging in mid air. Will be cool for an outer space theme!