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By | September 16, 2009

Continued from the last Restaurant City FAQ, here’s the details guide about restaurant city employees.
There’re 3 jobs you can get for your employees :

This guide shall teach you all you want to know about your employees 🙂

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1. Who are your employees?
Your employees are anyone (Facebook friends) who works in your restaurant (including yourself!).

2. Where are they?
You will find your employees in the “employee slider” at the bottom of the Restaurant City screen.

3. What can they do?
Each employee can be made to do 1 of 3 different jobs at a time. The jobs are cook, waiter/waitress, cleaner. They can swap from job to job, so your first cook can be made into a cleaner by clicking a different item on the employee, in the employee slider.

4. How can I hire/sack employees?
You can sack any employee at any time (including yourself). To do this you need to select the magnifying glass shaped icon, above the employee slider. When you put your cursor over the icon, the text that appears will say “Hire Friends”. When you sack an employee (including yourself), you are required to pay a 200 coin severance pay. The reason you have to pay for yourself is so people cannot just keep sacking and re-hiring to refill energy.

You can only hire an employee if you have a vacancy. You can create a vacancy by sacking someone or levelling up. The levels you will receive a vacancy are levels 2, 5, 8, 11, 14 and 17. The maximum number of employees at one time is 8 (must be level 17+).

5. What does the percentage mean by each employee on the employee slider?
The percentage is how much energy your employee has, therefore how fast they can work. 100% is full energy, and 0% is the opposite.

6. How fast can my employees work?
(Cook) To cook a meal on a stove: 16 seconds. All stoves cook at the same speed, but it will take longer for employees with lower energy than the ones with higher energy.
(Waiter/Waitress) To prepare a drink via a fridge or soda dispenser: 12 seconds. Again like the cookers, both the fridge and soda dispenser prepare drinks at the same time, but employee’s energy will effect speed.
(Cleaner) To clean a toilet or scrub a section of floor: 5 seconds. Cleaners with slower speed will clean slower.

7. How fast can my employees walk?
It takes 1.4 times longer to walk a diagonal square than a regular square, which is obviously 0.6 times quicker than walking 2 squares. Walking Speed depends on energy percentage.

8. How much does it cost to re-energise an employee?
It depends on how much energy you want to give them.
25% – 60 coins
50% – 110 coins
75% – 160 coins
100% – 200 coins
You can find the option, the “Employee Shop”, when you click an employee on the employee slider.

9. How fast does employees energy go down?
It takes 18 minutes for every 10% of energy to be used. So it takes approximately 3 hours for 100% of energy to be used.

10. Is there a free way to increase energy?
Yes, you can put your employee to rest, but it will take 6 minutes per 10% of energy to increase. Also there will be one less staff in your restaurant.
This is useful for when you are logging off, most people put their staff to rest, so when they next log on, your staff have 100% energy and are ready to go! This option can be found in the employee spin wheel, next to the “sack” option.

11. What is the purpose of “dressing” an employee?
Dressing an employee can be beneficial for a number of reasons. It can make it clear which person is doing which job. It can make the difference between customers and employees more clear. It can add to a certain theme or style you have chosen for your restaurant. Also it adds to the “Buy __ Avatar Items” award.
If you have not got yourself working in your restaurant, you should still consider dressing yourself, because you may be working in a friends restaurants, and you will appear on your Facebook profile, if you have your status on there. The “Dress Yourself” option is above the employee slider. The option to dress other employees is available when you click that employee on the employee slider.

12. Can I change the physical appearance of my employees (excluding me)?
No, the physical appearance (hair, skin and facial features) of other employees will change when that person changes them.

13. Can my avatar work in more than one restaurant?

14. What do the faces mean next to my employees on the employee slider?
Each face refers to the employee’s mood, so basically how much energy the employee has. A energetic employee is a happy employee!

15. What is the building icon for next to an employee, whilst he/she is selected?
That sign tells you that person has a restaurant! Clicking it will take you to his/her restaurant. Not all employees will have this sign as you can hire people who do not own a restaurant.

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I hope this Restaurant City Employees Guide help you 😀

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