Restaurant City Expansion

By | December 2, 2009

Restaurant City Expansion. Did you notice on the left of your restaurant there’s a ‘for sell’ written on the wood board ?


What is that for sell board do ?
Well if you hover it you’ll notice that it will pop up some message : ” Click to buy the outside restaurant expansion”

Yeah ! Now you can expand your outside restaurant 🙂

Click the for sale board to buy outdoor expansion 🙂

How large expansion can it get ?
Here’s the list of Restaurant City Expansion :
level 20 – 5000 coins – size 6×6
level 25- 15000 coins – size 8×8
level 30 – 32000 coins – size 10×10
level 35 – 70000 coins – size 12×12
level 40 – 150000 coins – size 14×14
level 45 – 310000 coins – size 16×16
level 50 – 550000 coins – size 18 x 18

If you don’t know how big 18×18 is. It is as big as an indoor level 32 restaurant! Which is huge, but also expensive.

Credits to Hakenden

Why does the expansion expensive ?
Well i don’t really know, but many players want to get rid of it. And many of them regret buying the expansion and wasted a ton of money 😛

Look ! one of my friends already expand and put some new decorations 😀

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  • kenneth

    will the growth of your inner restaurant be affected if i purchase the expansion outside? please reply

    • admin

      no it won’t 🙂

  • kenneth

    this is my e-mail

  • Hani

    can u give the overall view of the restaurant after maximum expansion?will it be just a wing on the side or it will expand parallel to the original restaurant?because if it doesn’t it will look a bit weird and the restaurant wont be a perfect square like it used to 🙁

    • admin

      well the maximum size 18×18 is as big as an indoor level 32 restaurant, i will add some picture if i find one okay 😀

  • Smiles

    Can i get rid of the expansion? I don’t want it anymore 🙁

  • Ico

    I think that’s no go. But you can do useful trick. Maybe you have noticed when you close restaurant by blocking the entrance door people are still entering through expansion. Then you loose your score. You can avoid this by adding walls one line horizontaly and one line verticaly. You don’t need to put walls everywhere, just do what I said, and when you close and leave restaurant, guests won’t be able to enter thru expansion anymore 😉

  • jess

    when i bought my expansion it was on sale and i paided 2500 and im level 12

  • mj

    how can i put walls in the expansion???

  • Ash

    for all of those moaning about the expansions, its a good idea to be more creative your restaurant so that you end up on gourment street. also it gives you something to acheive and aim for, i personally am very close to buying the last expansion for my restaurant

  • Ian

    Well expansions are there for more space. More space means more room to decor. I want to have as many decorations as I can, so I really would like to purchase it. But it’s too darn expensive and I’m not rich yet. 🙁

  • Laura

    is it that expensive?

  • Nick

    I’m lvl43 and I’ve expanded the expansion so all up so far. So I’m just waiting on my lvl to 50 in order to fully expand my restaurant. The best part about it is, more space, there is more room (obviously) for you to decorate. ATM, most of you who first would think, what a waste of money, all i need is the tables and chairs to sit my customers down. but later, its about how well you decorate so you can be kinda proud of what you get. Instead of putting more tables and chairs, you use other decorations to make your restaurant into a cafe/inn/shop/resort/garden… anything of your choice.

    The only downside is that it will cost alot and you cant put walls on the expansion (only those fake decoration walls which dont hold wall decorations).