Restaurant City Festive Stove Festive Fridge

By | December 8, 2009

Restaurant City Festive Stove and Festive Fridge. The new update is not only for 3 new limited dishes but also new items for holiday, you can see ginerbread theme, candy theme, even Large Festive tree ^_^

If you remember that when i said in restaurant city tips that different stove / fridge won’t give any effects for foods & drinks ? well now it’s changed 😛
In this new update you can see new stove and fridge, festive stove and festive fridge that will give you some effect for your dishes and drinks 🙂
Both these items are only available until January 4th 2010.

Here’s the effect that you can get for new stove & fridge :
Festive Stove
Effect : you can use this stove to cook 10% faster 🙂
Price : 15 playfish cash

Festive Fridge
Effect : use this to serve drinks 10% faster.
Price : 2500 coins –> updated : 25000 coins *

* “The Festive Fridge was priced incorrectly orignally. I am sure you thought 2500 was a very cheap price for a limited item that even sped up your restaurants efficiency! We have now corrected this mistake and the Festive Frige is now priced at the correct 25000 mark. We are sure you understand that it was never meant to be as cheap as 2500 as it is a limited item”

You will also notice that if you go to the Gourmet Street, now you will find restaurants there – also your cleaners will now clean your outside seating area.

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  • CM

    Luckily I bought the Festive Fridge BEFORE they put in the corrected price!

  • mark

    I’m disappointed. i only bought 4 before they did that. i was saving my money for ingredients. Just went to buy more and saw the new price

  • Lina

    hahahah….Luckily i have bought it before the update prize
    i have shock…from 2500–> 25000 ???? o.O

  • ahmad

    guysa youre soo lucky i just started restaurant city a week ago im lvl 26 anyways ill buy 2 festive fridges for 30,000 just gift it to me and ill help you out + 30,000 coins =) anyways i also need some gingerbread toilets ill buy them too add me my facebook is thanks!

  • Tae

    Will Festive Fridge and Festive stove sale every new year?