Restaurant City Free Gifts

By | October 10, 2009

Restaurant City Free Gifts. New feature October 9th 🙂 Free Gift… but it’s only for your friends 😛
To send a free gift you must click the lunch box icon

You should see the new icon, here’s the image :

You can also find this new icon on your employee window

The lunch box will allow you to send a free food to your friends which they can use to feed their employees with. You can send one item per friend, per day. There is a limit to how many friends you can send to per day, it is currently 8 friends per day – remember that the limit here is decided by Facebook.
The more you use the feature and the more of your friends Accepts the free gift, the allowed friends to send gifts limitation to will become higher for everyone!

If you click that icon, a new window will pop up

Note that the free gift must be accepted in the Request area in your Facebook account:, click on “accept gift” and you will be taken to a holding page. Here you can decide if you want to play the game or if you want to accept more gifts (if you have any). Each gift must be accepted individually.

Since this feature uses the Facebook gift mechanism, the allowed invite count does not reset as the same time as the game itself (midnight GMT), but at 7am GMT instead.

Once you have accepted your gift and the game is reloaded you will see the gift in your inbox, open it and the gift will be placed in your employee menu. To use the gift, click to manage any one of your employees and feed the food to him/her!

The gifts are of course FREE to send to your friends!

Ah they also changed the new character’s hair :

new character with a twin tail

hmm.. i still like the last hair, see it in Restaurant City Update October 7th.

And they changed the number of plants that you need to harvest for Restaurant City Garden Awards

In addition to the new feature we have done some fixes as well:
– The Playfish Cash UI (button) is hidden in the street
– Fixed the table on top of keg problem
– Changed the hair style of the new girl (hopefully it looks more normal now )
Garden award’s requirement toned down (previously it would take 1 year of uninterrupted play to get the gold award )
– Fixed the message during ingredient trading. now if one of the ingredient is missing or become locked during trading then an appropriate message will be shown instead of the retry pop up.

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