Restaurant City Frequently Asked Questions

By | September 8, 2009

Since Restaurant City keep updated their features from restaurant city drinks, restaurant city seeds, there’re a lot of new people playing Restaurant City. And i found some frequently asked question from restaurant city for them.

And some of these Restaurant City FAQ were compiled from Restaurant City Tips 🙂 So you can see it too for more information.

Lets start 🙂

Restaurant City Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn more ingredients?
– You receive a free daily ingredient for your first log in to Restaurant City each GMT day.
– You also earn an ingredient for each restaurant city daily quiz you answer correctly!
– You can purchase a select few ingredients each day from the Ingredient Market, the ingredients available for purchase change each day at midnight GMT. To locate the Ingredient Market, when inside your restaurant click and drag the screen so that you see outside above your restaurant. Here is what it looks like:

– You earn one new ingredient for the first visit you make to each friend! (This is a once only ingredient per friend, not daily.)
– You also can earn ingredients from your garden, but to plant a seed you must reach level 16 first 🙂

How do I earn more cash?
You earn cash from serving customers at your restaurant. However, you can also earn cash by picking up trash; and clicking on the trees around your restaurant and your friends’ restaurants to ‘bump’ them.

How do I hire employees and how do I fire them?
To hire one of your friends select the magnifying glass icon. Then just select the purple ‘Hire’ button of the friend you would like to hire!
To fire one of your friends, select that employee while in your restaurant view and then select the ‘Sack’ button. Note that you will be required to pay 200 cash as severance pay if you would like to sack a friend!

What is the advantage of leveling up a particular dish?
For each increase in level of a dish, you earn slightly more Gourmet Points when a customer has that dish. However, it is not one full point extra for each level, instead it is around an 0.2 Gourmet Point increase per level, so once you have a dish at level 2, most of the time you will still see just 1 Gourmet Point increase when serving it, but sometimes you will see a 2 Gourmet Point gain.

Also, the appearance of the dish being served improves as the dish is leveled up.

How do I learn and level up dishes?
To learn a dish, you need to gather all the ingredients required for that dish. Once you have the ingredients (which are displayed via the ‘Change Menu’ icon), select the ‘Change Menu’ icon and then select the pink ‘Learn’ button underneath your dish of choice. When you do this, those ingredients you gathered for that dish will be removed from your inventory, and you will now be able to serve the dish to your customers if you chose.

To level up any dish, you need to gather the same ingredients for that dish again, once you have all the ingredients required, again select the ‘Change Menu’ icon, find the dish you are wishing to level up, and then select blue ‘Level Up’ button.

Note : Leveling your dishes does not change the amount of money you get ($2). The difference is that per level the exp you get increases by 0.2. The max level on a dish is 10 and it will give you 2.8exp.
The only difference in the dish is that it’s plate will change. You can only serve one dish from each category. Meaning leveling up the other dishes is just for gloating purposes or the trophy. It is advised that you concentrate on leveling up 1 dish in each category to level 10 before leveling others.

Why aren’t my Gourmet Points increasing, even though my cash has from serving meals?
Your Gourmet Points will only increase if you are in your own restaurant when serving the meals. If you are not logged into the game, have another screen open like the redecorate screen, or are visiting a friend’s restaurant, your cash will increase for those meals, but your Gourmet Points will not. Therefore, if you are wishing to level up, leaving your screen open to your restaurant is recommended.
You can see more about Gourmet Points in Restaurant City Guide How To Earning Gourmet Points.

What is Popularity and what is the maximum Popularity you can achieve?
Popularity is the number shown by the thumbs up icon towards the top right of your screen. The higher this number is, the happier your customers have been, so the more customers will visit.

At the moment, the maximum Popularity is 50.

How do I stop my Popularity going down when I am not using the game?
If you are worried about your Popularity decreasing while you are not using the game, you can use the ‘Redecorate’ button to remove any doors on your restaurant while you are not using it. This will stop customers coming in and getting upset if you are resting your employees, or your employees need food or rest. You can also put a table, plant, etc. in front of your door(s) to stop customers coming in.

What happens when my employees’ health decreases?
When you employees health decreases, your employee starts to work slower.
Once an employee’s health reaches zero, that employee will stop working altogether and will need food or rest before starting work again.

Do the more expensive stoves cook faster?
No, all stoves cook at the same speed currently.

How do I trade ingredients? (How does it work?)
Firstly, you’ll need to enter your friend’s restaurant and choose the TRADE INGREDIENTS icon as shown below.

You will then see the trading menu. Choose the ingredient you want from your friend and then choose another ingredient from yourself. Remember that trading only works if the ingredient that you’re trading is of the same level or higher level of stars than your friend’s.

The second way of trading is by choosing the TRADE LOCKED INGREDIENTS icon. You can request trade on any locked ingredients with any of your friends, but you’ll need to wait for his or her approval.

How do I lock and unlock ingredients?
If you want to save an ingredient for a future dish, and do not want anyone to be able to trade that ingredient away from you, you need to lock it. To lock a particular dish, select the ‘Change Menu’ icon and then click on the picture of the unlocked ingredient you wish to lock. Once an ingredient is locked you will see a padlock icon appear on top of its picture so that you know it is locked.

If you wish to unlock an ingredient (for example one you’ve decided you’d like your friends to be able to trade from you), again select the ‘Change Menu’ icon, and this time click the locked ingredient that you would like to unlock. You will notice that the padlock icon is removed!

The difference between a locked and unlocked ingredient would be. For a locked ingredient you need the other party to accept. If it is unlocked you just need to trade an ingredient with equal or more stars and the person does not need to accept.

How do you move floor tiles and wallpapers?
To move a floor tile or wallpaper, you need to replace it with another one. The old one will appear as available in your ‘Floor Tile’ or ‘Wallpaper’ section of your Redecorate icon to be placed where you wish.

Why do I have some ingredients that do not appear in any of the recipes?
These are most likely ingredients that are for future, yet-to-be-released recipes!

Why do some of my customers have red circles with stars around their feet?
These customers are your friends!

What do all the icons the customers show mean?
A green thumbs up icon means your customer was happy with their meal and service.
A red thumbs down icon means your customer was unhappy with the service. The icon that is shown prior to this will tell you more.
A seat icon means that there is no available seat in your restaurant.
A table icon with a plate on it means that the table the customer sat at needs to be cleared.
An empty table icon means your customer sat at a seat where there was no table available.
A banana peel icon means that your restaurant has trash on the floor that you should clean up.
A clock icon means your service took too long.
A toilet icon means that there was no available clean toilet for your customer to use.

After you have learnt or leveled up a particular dish and you wish to change what you are serving in your restaurant to the new dish, you need to click the picture of the dish you wish to serve (while in the ‘Change Menu’ screen). You will notice that a yellow circle then appears around the base of the dish to show that it is what you are currently serving!

What are Arcades?
That is an item in the game known as a Retro Arcade Machine. It is the only decorative item to have a use. Customers who cannot find any seats move on to play this machine and leave after using it. You do not gain any money however you do not lose reputation points from them leaving.

Toilets are playfishes new feature for your people. they activate at level 8 onwards. People will want to use the toilet after using your restaurant. you also now need a cleaner to clean your toilets the rubbish. it is in my experience to put your most hated person as the toilet cleaner (:
A bucket and brush on your toilet means it need to be clean.

Island layouts?
This is supposedly the most efficient layout to use. For more information check out Restaurant City Tips

My waiters are not working properly for my island layout!
Yeah sometimes that happen for newbie. You should see guide to put waiters in right startup positions.

Waiting Chairs
This is a new concept to RC that is used to stall customers.

More expensive stove/furniture
The purpose of most stuff in the game is merely just to give your restaurant the style you desire. A more expensive stove does not cook faster. And better chairs do not provide better comfort or make them wait longer. Besides the Arcade,stove, table and chair none of the items have any use and just serve as decorative items.

Temp friend
What are temp friends? Temp friends are people you add for ingredients and then delete after the other party is done. Everybody wants a free ingredient so it is requested that you do not delete the other party unless they message you saying it is okay or you wait 24-48 hours preferably.

A maze is something people do to stall their customers and make them walk longer to get to their destination giving your staff more time to clear the tables and what not. It is however your own preference as mazing has its ups and downs.

Restaurant City Rating

Stars / rating is use for what?
Your rating simply tells what what others think of your restaurat, it has no real purpose. Your restaurant gets rated by strangers who click “Random Street” and rate your restaurant.

How to increase my rating?
To increase it, simply make your restaurant more beautiful. So other people will rate your restaurant 🙂

How do i rate friends / other restaurant?
You can’t rate your friends restaurants, but you can rate random people’s places!
To rate a restaurant, go to the street then click on the blue icon (go to random street)
You’ll see a street full of other people’s restaurants, just enter one and click on the icon with the three stars (rate this restaurant).

Simply go to friends street, click on the icon for ‘Random street‘ (blue icon) and poof! Just click into the restaurants to rate.

credits: Sonya

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  • agostina

    i’ve noticed the ingredients are rated too, they have a set of stars below them. do you know what are they for? how can i get “better rated” ingredients?
    thanks a lot

    • admin

      the stars don’t really matter in the game except for the fact that if you have unlocked ingredients, you can’t trade for higher-starred ingredients.
      But that’s about it…the stars mean nothing 🙂

  • agostina


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  • Vincent

    thanks dude,, that really helps man!! thanks again

  • Anu

    Is level 32 the highest ?

  • MD2020

    Do toilets need to be enclosed in a seperate room?

    • admin

      @ Anu : for now the highest level is 32 🙂
      @ MD2020 : well not really, you can put the toilet anywhere you like 😀

  • LV 29

    Need some help from the veterans, there is a resturant on Gourmet St (second from the first store on the right), named Last meals by Jeff and he has poles and blocks stacked up to the celing. How do i do this??? I am currently @ LV 29 and I have bought the 80k outdoor renovation thinking that it might be the thing to do it…. no luck

    Anyone? Thoughts?

  • Cgurl

    hello i need to ask , why my rated stars will drop sometimes..?
    example like yesterday my star was 4 , and today i see it decrease half already .
    i happens to me 2 times already .. wht happen isit ?

    • admin

      that happened because some people drop the rate of your restaurant

  • Cgurl

    oh thanks alot but why i cant drop people’s rate?
    at the random street . i just can rate but cant drop.

  • Idah

    hi, i need to know whether you can increase the number of dishes for each course to more than 3? if not, it will not be challenging after I have them all. no point accumulating coins and points when I got enough coins to spend on my ingredients but cannot increase the no. of dishes. hope you can consider on that. thanks…

  • nuggets

    what are waiting chairs?

    • admin

      only an extra chair 🙂 where customers can sit if there’s no chair+table unavailable

  • falala

    u r wrong about only being able to serve one dish per category
    as u level up you can serve more. so far im up to 3. faail.

  • Matt

    whenever i learn something and this has happened alot for me, it takes away two of the same ingredient for each ingredient, for example in had 4 beans, 4 chillis and 2 rice and decided to learn chilli con carne i did and i ended up with no rice and only 2 beans and 2 chilli, Why is this as it is really annoying ?!

  • noi

    รบกวนถามหน่อยนะค่ะ ว่าทำไมเราส่ง gift ในเกม restaurant city ไม่ได้ค่ะ พอกดส่งแล้วมันไม่ขึ้นรายชื่อเพื่อนให้เลือกเลยทำไงดีค่ะ ปล. ขอบคุณสำหรับคำตอบค่ะ

  • falala

    hey, i have this problem theres this boy called “Matt” in my street but hes not in my friend list nor do i know him but how can i remove him off my street??