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By | August 28, 2009

Restaurant City Plants Garden ! After the long maintenance, we got some new update for the latest version of Restaurant City! It’s been a while since the last restaurant city drinks update, now it’s all about restaurant city plots and restaurant city plants πŸ˜€ (feels like playing country story here)

On the right hand side of your restaurant (when inside your restaurant), you will see some new gardens. The first one is unlocked at level 6. Once you have a garden unlocked you will be able to grow some of your own ingredients!

Plus, a few new ingredients have been introduced, these include Wasabi, Coriander, Ginger and Vanilla! (you can see the pictures on restaurant city ingredients list)

Along with the restaurant city new ingredients, we have some brand new dishes! So why not try making some Bak Kut Teh, Three-Cup Chicken, Vanilla Panna Cotta, Ginger Beer Float or Vanilla Hot Chocolate today!

And finally, five new levels have been introduced, so start cooking to earn as many Gourmet Points as possible to ensure you can utilise the biggest garden!

The all new garden is released 28th August, 2009!

Restaurant City Plot

Here are some restaurant city garden tips and tricks. There’s restaurant city plot, restaurant city seeds, plot seed, plants, seed. Many people asked me about this restaurant city plot, I’ll add more restaurant city plot tips and tricks when I know about it more too

What are they?
The garden allows you to grow stuff!

When can I have them unlocked?
You can have it at Level 6.

What is the maximum number of plots?
The maximum number is 9 plots

Level 6: 1st plot
Level 13: 2nd plot
Level 20: 3rd plot
Level 22: 4th plot
Level 24: 5th plot
Level 26: 6th plot
Level 28: 7th plot
Level 30: 8th plot
Level 32: 9th plot

How to water plants / grow crops?
Just click on the plot!
– You can click on the empty plot, then it will prompt you to plant a seed
– After you plant seed then you click (2-3 times) on the plot with seed again to water your plot with seed.

Can we water friends’ farm?
You can water friends’ plants and see the watering harvest.

What do the information shown on top of the plants mean?
There are two lines.
– The first line on top, with a plant sign and a water drop means how long it takes before the water dries up. The count should start at 9 hours.
– The bottom line shows how long it needs for the plant to grow. The count should start and 48 hours.

H = Hours
M = Minutes

Initial Watering Timer: 3 Hour count down.
Harvest Time upon planting Seed: 48 Hours 0 Minutes.

Water The Plot (click on the plot) adds 3 Hours 0 Minutes to the Water Timer.
Can Water (keep clicking on the plot) to a maximum of 9 Hours 0 Minutes timer.

You can see kinds of plots color here based on watering time πŸ˜€

thx Jaina Solo for the images πŸ™‚

What happen if the water dries up? Will my plant die if i left the plot dry?
Well i’ve tried seed a plot without watering it. It started at 3 hours of water and 48 hours to grow.
3 hours have passed since then and the water is down to 0%, and it is all dried up.
Growing time has stopped at exactly 45 hours.
So i can confirm that your plant won’t die if you don’t water it. It will simply stop growing and growing time will hault until the plant is watered again. So your 2000 coins won’t go to waste if life or internet interrupts, you just have to wait longer πŸ™‚

Restaurant City Seeds

How much do seeds cost?
2000 coins.

What plant / ingredients seed will grow in the plot?
Only herbs and spices ingredients that will grow on these plot. you can see restaurant city seed for the list.

Can i choose what ingredients to grow? Or is it random?
Too bad you can’t choose which seeds to grow. The plant will grow random ingredients, as you can see in stage 4 grow there’re many type of plants.

So if there are two same plants growing, can I reset (or cut it down) to start over?
You can’t “kill” a plant and start over. You have to wait until it finishes growing so you can harvest it, thus freeing up the plot again.

How many ingredients do you get for every seed you plant?
Each seed gives only one ingredient πŸ™‚

Is it worthed to spend 2000 coins for the seed?
Of course. 2000 coins is the cheapest way to get an ingredient. And who cares if it’s something i don’t personally need? It’s an extra ingredient that i didn’t have before πŸ˜›

Here’s the growing stage for the seed / plants
Stage 1 (48 hours –)

Stage 2 (38 hours –)

Stage 3 (28 hours –)

In Stage 4 (18 hours –) there’re 12 different type of plants ( maybe 12 for now ? ):

Oregano Coriander Ginger Bayleaf
Basil Saffron Garlic Tea Leaves
Sugar Vanilla Wasabi Coffee Beans

(thx to toronto for the picture)

New Update :
So what kinds of ingredients you will get from this seed/plants ?
For stage 5 (8 hours–) and stage 6 you can see them harvest and the list in restaurant city seeds, because there will be lot’s of picture. πŸ™‚

Restaurant City Herbs And Spices

I just found and images from Restaurant City it says herbs and spices, i want milk to grow on my trees πŸ™

Restaurant City Stealing

Can we steal someone’s crops ?
No you can’t. This is not like country story stealing πŸ˜› Maybe playfish will consider this later ? (i hope they won’t)

How about that ingredients market guy ? considering where our gardens are placed, right infront of the ingredients market you gotta wonder if he’ll steal from it and try to sell it back to us πŸ˜›

Lol.. just kidding guys


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  • admin

    @ Rhi: are you sure it wasn’t on the list ? because i checked there’s no new update for the plants.
    @ Micole : you can upload the picture and give me the link for the picture so i can see the plant πŸ™‚
    @ Han : well maybe playfish will consider this later for new update on Oktober ? πŸ™‚ who knows

  • Lina Tsukino

    Hi!!! i already lvl 16….i have planting something…:)
    my Question,if we are not watering the plant,will it die/ dissapear???

    • admin

      no it won’t die πŸ™‚ it just stop growing until you water it again… i thought i already mention that πŸ˜›

  • seba

    Hi!! I have a coffee tree that stopped growing 4 hours ago and I’ve just harvested it and it gave me coffee. But the tree hasn’t gone, it’s still there. I guees it would give me coffee again. Is that a new trick or just luck??

    Sorry for my english, I’m from Argentina.

    • admin

      eh ? well it never happened to me before, so i don’t know.. you should try it and tell us the result πŸ™‚

  • jjr

    What is the use of oregano, which dish is it for.

    • admin

      as i mention above, there’s no dish for oregano πŸ™‚ you must wait till the next update.

  • Josh

    I Didnt No wot Plant I Had. Thx For Putting The Pics On. Big Help

  • Liam

    Does one plot give you the same ingredients??

    • admin

      no, it’s random πŸ™‚

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    It is amazing how absolutely uneducated so many people are nowadays. Try reading a book instead of playing this game so much. Kids these days… Wow..


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    i wonder if they will be a rule when it only takes u a day or less to grow your plants

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    I want to know what happens after we get to level 32…Does the game still go on…..What is the highest level that u can reach and what happens after you have reached it!!! Love this game….I hope it keeps going on and on and on and on and on……LOL

  • q

    “…ingredients are not locked in your inventory…”

    Are you sure? Because after I harvested my wasabi[this was the first time I got wasabi]I checked my inventory and my ingredient wasabi was locked.

    After I harvested my plant,the plant disappeared from the farm,leaving an empty plot in which I planted a seed.I believe a plant can be harvested only once.

    • admin

      oh, i guess they already fixed this πŸ™‚

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    i hope every time i think the ingredients after planting a seed will be basil or anything else

  • Emily

    THis site is out of date.
    1st pot – lvl 6
    2nd – 13

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      yeah πŸ™‚ thanks emily, i just updated it

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  • Rachel

    I’ve just reached level 6 and planted a seed, watered to max 9hours … several hours later – no seed and being asked to “click to plant a seed”. I tried again … another $2000 later … planted a seed, watered to max 9hours and about 3 hours later, no seed. Any idea what’s going on? Is this normal?

    • admin

      no.. that’s not normal, i think there’s a glitch / error you should contact playfish support for this

  • Kaminari

    “Can we water friends’ farm?
    No, you can’t either water the seeds for your friends or see the time remaining for the watering and harvest.”

    **You can water friends’ plants and see the watering harvest. **

    • admin

      +updated+ , thank you πŸ™‚

  • Freckles

    For Rachel: The reason that was happening is probably because you didn’t press the save button. RC automatically saves somethings, but not the gardens. Try that. ^_^

    I had that problem for about a week until I figured out the save button.

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