Restaurant City Gingerbread Theme Items

By | December 17, 2009

New update on restaurant city, now you can see many gingerbread theme in your restaurant 🙂 And also you can see many new items and limited dishes.


and there’s also new items for the garden area and outside of your restaurant 😀
– Daffodils
– White Flowers
– Mushrooms

Gingerbread theme is definetely what to go for for the inside, but not forget the animated candy pole or the amazing decorative presents to get your restaurant in the full party atmospehere.

Make sure you do not miss the Gingerbread Bed which will make your staff rest twice as fast, or the Gingerbread Toilet which will work twice as fast! Both these items are only available until January 4th 2010.

You can see new functional items with gingerbread theme here :
Gingerbread bed
Effect : you can use this stove to cook 10% faster
Price : 15000 coins

Gingerbread toilet
Effect : you can use this stove to cook 10% faster
Price : 12 playfish cash

and other gingerbread items :

For the outside of your restaurant you can now go for the Icy Look with the Icy Crystal, the Snowy Roof and the Snowy Tree!

And finally, 3 new limited dishes for the holidays. You can unlock all these dishes until Midnight January 5th. If you have not unlocked the dishes before that time, the dishes will disappear from your menu, so you need to hurry and collect those ingredients. Once you have unlocked any of the three dishes, you can upgrade them to a level higher than level 1 at any time.

Festive Turkey for main course
Ingredients : Turkey, Orange, Butter, Bacon

Yule Log for dessert
Ingredients : Chocolate, Flour, Cream, Sugar

Festive Hot Chocolate for dessert
Ingredients : Chocolate, Vanilla, Cream, Milk

if you want to know how to get orange in restaurant city you can see restaurant city orange and restaurant city food king.

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    Do you have the price for the garden area outside the restaurant?

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    pota wala fa ga half price sale ang garden …LOL…