Restaurant City Gourmet King

By | December 2, 2009

Restaurant City Gourmet King. If you play pet society you must know the Hideeni , well in the restaurant city update make sure you are on the lookout for the Gourmet King.


Because just like pet society hideeni, the gourmet king the one who will give you some special gift is hiding somewhere in restaurant city 🙂

Where i can find gourmet king in restaurant city ?
You can find the Food King in your friends restaurants out in the street. He may even be sitting at a table, sampling one of the dishes.

gourmet king is having a picnic 😛

What happend if i found gourmet king in restaurant city ? Will i received gift from gourmet king ?
When you click on him, he will allow you to post a feed to your wall. This feed can contain ingredients or exclusive dishes.
Remember that If you find him, you will not get a reward yourself. You must post the feed to your wall in order to give the reward of your choice to your friends.

So how can i get the ingredients or exclusive dishes from gourmet king ?
For you to get any dishes or ingredients from the Gourmet King, your friends must find him and post to their wall. You then need to follow the link in the feed from your friends.

What ingredients do we get from gourmet king ?
Ingredients that the Gourmet King gives:

What exclusive dishes do we get from gourmet king ?
Meat Platter Ingredients: Pepperoni, Sausage, Pork, Bread

Chicken Tacos Ingredients: Sweetcorn, Chicken, Onion, Salad

Chocolate Mousse Ingredients: Chocolate, Sugar, Egg, Pomegranate

for the Raisins links that you get from gourmet king facebook news feed maybe you can try this one :


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  • james

    ok so question like i found him right and i chose thos tacos but i dident get them so ware r they help please email me thats my facebook if you can help that be great thanks

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  • orena

    how do you post a news feed???

  • help

    after you find this guy and post the link for your friends, will he come back or is this only a one time thing?

  • Jessica

    Ok I am going to post some answers here to people.

    James: You do not get what you choose, its for your friends. I tried claiming my own recipe it said it was not allowed. Sorry but to get the taco’s your friend has to choose them and then you can get it when he/she shares.

    Orena: To post a news feed on facebook when you get the gourmet King it gives you a share option. When you hit share it will publish to your news feed.

    help: It is not a one time thing, it is just a random thing. I found by refreshing several times can get him to appear. Also the one time I have found him wandering around and not on his blue blanket in the woods.

    Hope I was helpful! Good luck to everyone =)

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  • hc

    if i choose gourment plate,
    what the ingredient was?

  • hc

    i asked the wrong question.
    i choose meat platter.
    but i didnt get anythings.

  • expiration

    so how long do you have in order to claim your gift? i’ve already clicked on some and while some have said the food item has already expired (for example, the link given above for raisins) and others where it doesn’t even give any notice of receiving it or not and when i check it, nothing happened. is there a reason why for this?

  • xKassidyzCookiex

    i also saw him walking on the sidewalk when i was inside my friends restaurant