Restaurant City Gourmet Street

By | December 10, 2009

Restaurant City Gourmet Street. As you know since the last update the gourmet street is available again 🙂 you can see many restaurant in the gourmet street.
but now the gourmet street restaurant city system is different, the restaurant in gourmet street is not ranked based on Gourmet Points anymore 😛

How do I get onto Gourmet Street in restaurant city ?
To make your restaurant to Gourmet Street you need at least 20 ratings, and to be one of the top rated restaurants in the game!

You can check your exact current rating and number of ratings you’ve received by hovering your cursor over the stars in your restaurant (assuming you’ve joined Gourmet Club), so you’ll know just what you need to get to make it!

If you want o know about ratings in restaurant city, like how to rate a restaurant. Please see restaurant city ratings.

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  • Jace

    assuming that ive passed all three qualifications, how do will i know if i am in Gourmet Street? will a mail through the mailing system of restaurant city be sent to me?

  • Daniel Ricalde

    I have a question, i hope you can answer me. My restaurant got 3.64 Stars and more than 100 votes. But it isnt at gourmet street, I saw the other Restaurants there and they have between 3 and 4 Stars, so, there are Restaurants that have less stars than mine and are there on Gourmet Street. My question is: Why my Restaurant isnt at Gourmet Street if it meet all the requirements? :'(