Restaurant City Halloween Update

By | October 13, 2009

Restaurant City Halloween Update ! Yeah halloween just come to Restaurant City, just like Farmville halloween. In this Restaurant City new update, October 13th we will find many halloween themes and not only that there’re something changes too 🙂

Here’s the officiall statement :
We have some exciting news for you all, yet another update has just occurred so race to your restaurants now to get the most out of the new changes!

We know you’ve all been asking for this for awhile, you are now able to have 9 employees!
The 9th employee will be awarded at level 21, so if you aren’t quite there yet, get cooking!

And, it’s Halloween in Restaurant City! So decorate the outside of your restaurant with a variety of Halloween items including Jack O. Lanterns, a Mummi, a Frankenstein and a Ghost. And place some Eyeballs inside just for fun! These limited items are in stores for just one week, so make sure you grab some before they disappear!

Indoor decoration :
Jar of Eyeballs and Gothic Divider

Restaurant decoration :
Wall Decoration

Street Decoration
John o’Lantern, Chong o’Lantern, Tommy o’Lantern, Frankenstein Statue

Mummy, Scary Tree

Spooky Restaurant 😛

But what better way to celebrate Halloween in a Restaurant than by serving some very spooky dishes to your diners! There’s a spooky entrée, main, desert and drink to learn, so transform your tastebuds, Halloween style!
You will only be able to learn these dishes in this Halloween period, if you haven’t learnt them by shortly after Halloween, they will be removed from the menu.

Also, the cap on recent earnings has been made higher for when you are offline! So see what you can earn now!! Plus you now earn 1000 coins per level up for most levels!

You are now able to earn some Gourmet Points while offline! When you sign back it the pop up will advise you of both how many coins and Gourmet Points you earned!

Arcades will now earn you one coin per use! They will however break after 10 uses, so your cleaner will need to fix them!

When decorating the outside of your restaurant, wall decorations can now be placed anywhere on screen and aren’t actually confined to the available wall anymore, so hopefully we see some budding new creativity utilising this!

The Gourmet Street rating has been reset. The reset is done for all players. To qualify for Gourmet Street your restaurant must receive at least 50 ratings.

Also, there’s a few minor changes like text changes and a new door and window for both inside and outside!

another Restaurant City New Halloween Items 🙂
Glass Double Door

Deer Wall Decor & Monster Clock

Tentacle Jar, Gravestone, Evil Pumpkin Decor

Orange Tile

Slot Machine
explanation :

Halloween Stove

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