Restaurant City Helping Friends New Feature

By | November 7, 2009

Restaurant City Helping Friends New Feature. Did you see any sleeping bears, skunks, mushrooms, leaks, fire, and penguins when visiting friends restaurants ?

Well don’t be scared 😛 that’s a new features in restaurant city. You can now do ‘tasks‘ when visiting friends’ restaurants! Completion of a task will earn you coins and gourment points too 😀
Helping friends on Restaurant City game is the newest feature that launched today. Now, you can help your friends by visiting their restaurant and helping from interference, such as bear and others.

Here’s the picture of what kinds of help that your neigbors and friends need 🙂

Sleeping bear Skunks
restaurant_city_sleeping_bear restaurant_city_skunks
Mushrooms Leaks
restaurant_city_mushrooms restaurant_city_leaks
Fire Penguins
restaurant_ciry_fire restaurant_city_penguins

Remove them by click and then you will earn coins.
Too cute 🙂

Why i get/earn different coins for helping friends?
I think the amount of coins you get is depending on your how many time you visit your neighbour.

3 first neighbor : 15 coins.
next 10 neighbour : 10 coins.
next 20 neighbour : 5 coins.
next 66 neighbour : 2 coins.
And for 100+ neighbour, you earn 1 coin.

And not only coins, you will earn gourmet points (GP) too. The amount of gourmet points is random, mostly 2 GP and sometimes you can earn between 46-52 GP. And for 100+ neighbour, you only earn 1 GP.

Helping Friends on Restaurant City Game gives you another reward besides coins and gourmet points. An award. You will get an award after visiting and helping some neighbour’s restaurant.

A Friend Indeed : helping 50 neighbours.
Search and Rescue : helping 250 neighbours.
Aide of Honor : helping 1000 neighbours.