Restaurant City Holiday Sale – New Limited Dishes

By | December 20, 2009

Restaurant City has been updated with new items and limited dishes with ice theme 🙂

In this update there’s Holiday Sale on Restaurant City !
There’s a cut prices for cash ingredients, so 25% off sale in the ingredients market when purchasing ingredients using Playfish Cash.

This is definetely the time to stock up on those ingredients, and a perfect time to get those ingredients you need for those missing Limited Time dishes!

This week there are 3 new limited dishes for you to unlock :

Santa´s Hat of Treats (starter)
Ingredients : orange, sugar, chocolate, ginger

Snowman (dessert)
Ingredients : carrot, raisins, sugar, chocolate

Gingerbread Milkshake (drink)
Ingredients : ginger, vanilla, icecream, milk

Check out 3 new functional items :
Santa Statue, Reindeer, and Red Bed.

The Santa Statue will make all your customers wear the very festive clothing that is santa and elf costumes.
The Reindeer item will add 2 points to the max popularity, but remember that it can only do that once, no matter how many Reindeers you put in your restaurant.
The Red Bed will allow one of your staff to rest 25% quicker.

For the outside of your restaurant your week you can start on the icy cold theme, you can find a Penguin statue to place in front of your restaurant, and even an igloo roof ! Give your restaurant the icy cold treatment and go all out with the new theme, make sure you check out the animated Candy Cane Lamp. Go all out with the icy theme for the inside of your restaurant, with the Ice Table and Chair as well as the fantastically carved Ice Sculpture.

Here’s the picture for the new items :

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