Restaurant City New Feature – Full Screen Mode

By | November 7, 2009

Restaurant City New Feature. Some brand new features have just been added to the game!

Ever felt like your waiter was taking too long to clear empty plates, or your janitor was taking too long to clean the toilets or fix your arcades or slot machines? Well now you can help! If you see a plate that needs clearing, and overflowing toilet, or a broken functional item, simply click it to clear or fix it!

You can now do tasks when visiting friends’ restaurants! Completion of a task will earn you coins! So be on the lookout for sleeping bear, skunks, and other interesting things in your friends’ restaurants!

You can also now help your friends water their plants in their gardens! If you see one of their plots looking a bit dry simply click it to water it! You also earn a coin for watering a friend’s dry plot!

New trophies have just been added for cleaning toilets, fixing functional items (i.e. arcades or slot machines), completing tasks when visiting friends and clearing plates! So if you thought your trophy cabinet was getting full, now there’s much more to strive for!
click on arcade or slot machine to repair..
click on toilet to repair toilet.
click on dish to clean it up

All these new features, and not enough game area to play on? Well you can now play Restaurant City in fullscreen mode! You will find the full screen icon just above the save button! To exit fullscreen, simply hit Escape or select the button above the save button again!

If you are trying to get onto Gourmet Street, you will need to have 50 ratings, as well as having a high rating! So you know just how close you are, you can now discover how many ratings you have received (as well as your average rating) when hovering your cursor over your rating stars!

There’s also been a few changes to the levels at which plots are awarded, if you are a low level this could help you! The first plot is now unlocked at level 6! You can see restaurant city plots for more information about garden 🙂