Restaurant City New Update Oregano Dish

By | October 7, 2009

Restaurant City New Update ^0^ . Today October 7th Restaurant City has just been updated, and there are a few things you should all know about!

Is there any new changes in Restaurant City Update 7 october ?
The most you’ve been asked for in Restaurant City Garden and Restaurant City Seeds, Dish for Oregano 😀

here’s the official statement :
The winning dishes from the Restaurant City Menu Competition are now in the game! So start collecting ingredients to serve these winning creations!

Starter : Dim Sum

Mains : Mushroom Risotto (Oregano) & Lamb with Promegranate Sauce

Dessert : Tiramisu

Drinks : Saffron Tea

Trading ingredients has been changed! Now there is only one trading button for simplicity, and you will be able to see all of your friend’s both locked and unlocked ingredients using it. If you are trading unlocked ingredients where you are giving an ingredient of higher quality (more stars), the trade will go through as a normal unlocked trade. If you are trading with a locked ingredient, or trading an unlocked ingredient that is higher quality than what you are trading it for, it will send a secure trade request!

Playfish Cash has been introduced to the game! When you enter the Redecorate icon (a hammer) you will also see the Playfish Cash Shop logo! (on the left one is the new this week button)
Some of the Playfish Cash items have special effects, for example turning all trash into banana peels, or attracting zombies! To check for any possible effects or other important information, click the question mark icon next to the item in the shop! (Please note that if you have a couple of items with similar type effects in your restaurant, such as the Brain Jar and Giant Carrot, the one you place second will be the active effect.)

You are also able to buy ingredient you may need with Playfish Cash! When selecting the Market, you will see a new button for “Cash Ingredients”. Click that to browse all ingredients and decide if you would like to purchase any!

The “Ask for Ingredients” function has also had a makeover! You will only be able to request one ingredient at a time now, due to some changes required by Facebook, but the feeds that appear on your News Feed have a great new look!

We’ve also added some new daily quiz questions! So hopefully your culinary knowledge is up to scratch!

The Sake Keg is now able to be stacked on top of itself! And in the future, there may be more items that use this functionality!

And there’s a brand new character to help out with information and the tutorials in game. If you’ve been playing for awhile, you probably won’t really notice, but newer players may see her more! Here she is:

looks like she appear in the loading now 😛

A new awards, Garden awards :

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