Restaurant City Playfish Cash Cheat May

By | May 2, 2010

Restaurant City Playfish Cash Cheat May ! i found a cheat from Free2sw that can make you have a lot of restaurant city cash for free 😛

you can get cash items and ingredients in restaurant city with this cheat, but remember that you will need at least 1 blue coins (playfish cash)

some tools that you will need :
Fiddler2 (hotel city cash cheats included)
– internet explorer
flash player 9 or 10
– bin files

Restaurant City Cash Cheat :
1. Extract the restaurant-city-cash-cheat (4 bin files) to your desktop.
2. open Restaurant City
3. Open Fiddler and go to the Autoresponder tab.
4. Tick both Enable automatic.. and Permit passthrough..
5. Drag the restaurant.bin into the autoresponder window and you will see a new line “REGEX:(?insx).*restaurant\.bin$” appearing.
5. Clear your browser cache, and reload restaurant city.

You will now see that all ingredients cost 1 Blue Coins (If it is more than 1 blue coins, you have NOT replaced the database correctly, repeat the steps again).

Start purchase the items and remember that you need at least 1 blue coin to simulate the deduction.
Savable and refreshable.

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  • yeye

    my…computer have no net framework how did work?

    • admin

      then you must install it first my friend 🙂

  • karl

    i dont have blue coins how can i get free coins ? can anyone help?

  • moi

    restaurant. Bin

  • sam

    where can i fine the restaurant.bin?

  • mijarius

    i dont have blue coins.. how can i get at least one

  • Mimi

    yeah.. where can we find the Restaurant bin. ??

  • maecagurol

    i lost may pey borit stove beacus i dint no PF cash

  • darkwillow

    h0pe to see m0re restaurant city related posts too… your site is such a great help! ^_^

  • lee

    how can i get blue coin in restaurant city