Restaurant City Ratings How To Rate Restaurant

By | December 9, 2009

Restaurant City Ratings. What is the star for in restaurant city ? well it’s the way to get your restaurant into gourmet street πŸ˜›


How do the star ratings work in restaurant city ?
When someone views your restaurant on Random Street they are given the opportunity to give it a rating out of 5 stars!

Your rating is the average of the star ratings that people have given you while viewing your restaurant on Random Street. So if someone rates you lower than your current rating, it will decrease, alternatively if someone rates you higher than your current rating, it will increase!

To access Random Street, when in street view

select the blue β€œGo to Random Street” button.

Once on Random Street you will see an icon which is a clipboard with a green tick labelled β€œJoin Gourmet Club”

use that to set your permission as to whether you wish to have your restaurant appear on Random Street (with the possibility of reaching Gourmet Street) or not!

Do you know how i can get people to specifically rate my restaurant ?
well.. to bad it’s random, so you can’t specifically rate your friends restaurant. All based on luck in random πŸ˜›

Now let’s try to rate someone restaurant on random street πŸ™‚
On the top right you can see name of the restaurant and some stars, hover the stars you will see votes and average rating
votes = how many people vote your restaurant
average rating = the average of the ratings

now go to bottom left you can see a hand pointing stars icon
that’s how you can rate a restaurant, click it

now you can assign a rating :
1 star – okay
2 star – average
3 star – good
4 star – excellent
5 star – outstanding

i click 5 stars πŸ™‚ saving, and now lets see the star under the restaurant name
the votes and average rating is changed πŸ™‚

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