Restaurant City Reindeer´s Favourite New Limited Dishes

By | December 8, 2009

New update for restaurant city on December 8th 🙂 there are 3 new limited dishes :
1. Reindeer’s Favorite for starter
2. Gingerbread House for main course
3. Festive Pudding for dessert 😛

there are a lot of carrot used for reindeer’s favourite =P and also the 2 new ingredients that used for the last limited dishes Festive Glazed Ham and Mince Pie, orange and raisins are now used for festive pudding 🙂

if you don’t know how to get raisins or orange in restaurant city you can check this :
Gourmet King Restaurtant City
Restaurant City Free Orange

Okay here are the new limited dishes for restaurant city new update :
Starter :
Reindeer’s Favorite ingredients : 4 carrots

Main :
Gingerbread House ingredients : ginger, flour, sugar, egg

Dessert :
Festive Pudding ingredients : sugar, raisins, flour, orange

You can unlock this 3 dishes until Midnight January 5th. If you have not unlocked the dishes before that time, the dishes will disappear from your menu, so you need to hurry and collect those ingredients.

Once you have unlocked any of the three dishes, you can upgrade them to a level higher than level 1 at any time. You can upgrade them also after the limited time period, but you need to remember to learn the dish you want to keep in your menu. If you haven´t learned the dishes (got them to at least level 1) before the period is over, they will disappear from your menu, however you may be able to buy these recipes in future.

Happy ingredients hunting 😀

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