Restaurant City Seeds

By | August 30, 2009

Restaurant City Seeds. Continue from the last Restaurant City Plants, here’re kind of herbs and spices you can get from restaurant city seed 😀
1. Basil
2. Bayleaf
3. Coffee Beans
4. Coriander
5. Garlic
6. Ginger
7. Oregano
8. Saffron
9. Sugar
10. Tea Leaves
11. Vanilla
12. Wasabi

You can see the images below 🙂



Coffee Beans







Tea Leaves



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  • ppl

    u no the wooden stick thing thts vanilla and also u no the leafy thing thts coffee

  • sdlucly

    Could you make the pictures a little bit bigger? I feel like I’m blind, I can barely tell them apart. 😀 Thanks!

    • admin

      you can click the images for bigger result 🙂

  • Jenny

    It would still be nice to be able to see all the ingredients slightly bigger at the same time without having to open a new window for each. 🙂

    • admin

      oh, okay i’ll make them bigger without have to open a new window 🙂

  • Jenny

    Thanks 😀

  • cathy

    it would be nice if there’s a tomato seed available and also onion would be great….

  • clare

    what is the wasabi for i can’t find it in the menu and i am growing some

    • admin

      wasabi used for the Tuna Sushi dish, which is an old dish.
      They just replaced a tuna with wasabi 🙂

  • clare

    my tuna dish is already on 10 so what will happen

  • admin

    don’t worry your tuna dish still on 10 🙂 Lucky for you , because wasabi changed for those who haven’t completed tuna dish.

  • frutila

    what is the oregano for

    • admin

      oregano dish still not available yet… so it doesn’t have ‘use’ for now 🙂 just keep it for the next update

  • http://viaFacebook Jim

    How about a surprise coin found once in awhile in the soil when you plant a seed (like shaking the trees)? At least that planting would only cost you $1999 in stead of $2000. As mentioned previously by someone else, would also like to see tomato and onion seeds added. Thanks.

  • Lauren

    i agree with Cathy tomato and onion seeds would be great 😀

  • goose

    Tomatoes and onions are far too common already…

  • Wortho

    Maybe we could have pigs to make pork or something???

  • Anonymous

    Good one Wortho! I think they should put chickens to get chickens, pigs to get pork and cows to get beef 😀

  • Junior

    😀 …i have planting and i got Tea leaves!!! yummy 😛

  • Artsy Monkey

    Can they add lime & lemon trees–I think these would be useful and also fun to grow a tree in your garden. 😉

  • Sailormoon

    hi all….add me at ;-) please!! need Igredient 😉

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  • danson tang


  • danson tang

    LOLOLOLOLOL i keep gettin things i dont need

    • admin

      you should trade them then 😀

  • Jacqueline

    Where do I get the seeds from. I click on the plot in restaurant city and it wont do anything…cant find the seeds to buy. I am at level 28 and still cant grow anything…my gourmet points are at 9

    • admin

      just click the plot, and a pop up screen will asked you to plant a seed there. If you click yes you’ll automatically buy a seed with cost 2000. It will give you a random seed 🙂

  • ramtin

    i think there should be animals to get meat and trees like someone else mentioned before. maybe also tomato seeds.

  • jamie

    what about pumpkins or flour or apples,strawberries etc y cant we be abble to grow anything that needs to be grown

  • jamie

    also the seeds shouldn’t be so expensive

  • Luke

    I think that you should be able to use playfish cash to purchase the specific seed you want. Also I agree with the others, animals, and more plants!

  • Demi’s Says:

    I wish my seed is vanilla or kiwi pls Add me on Facebook heres my Email Add: Im sorry if my Email Add is very long 🙁

  • .z.s.g.s

    i planted something and it looks like basil but its bigger and its a lighter color of green. it has 18 hours left til its ready. anyone know what it is? its not listed here

  • dasdsa

    what will we do to the plant?

    • admin

      drop a water and wait until you can harvest the plant 🙂

  • eman

    yes,i got saffron

  • Kathee

    Hey! I think stealing would be great! I mean if it were like Country Story and you were able to keep half the harvest, it’d mean either we’d receive 2 of each or that we’d always get 1, but two people (the one who grows it and the robber) would get the harvest… the greater good for the greater people or sth like that?

  • Kevin

    You forgot mint.

  • Leo

    anyone know how to grow always sugar?

    look to this guy!!!!