Restaurant City Stacking

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Restaurant City Stacking !

stacking decoration on restaurant city

Did you know there’s a glitch in restaurant city that can make our items stack each other ? Well if you don’t know about it look at the picture.

Want to know how to stacking items in restaurant city ? read the restaurant city stacking tutorial here :

First, you must have the items you want to stack in your storage. Next open your redecorating mode. Now you will:

1. place item ‘a’, your bottom row item, where you want the stacking to occur.

2. place item ‘b’, the second or top item, close by.

3. click on item ‘a’ and drag it to the green check mark and click the check mark. This closes your redecorating mode. Note that item ‘a’ disappears – this is fine, do not worry.

4. The space where you had item ‘a’ is vacant. Reopen redecorating and place item ‘b’ in the empty space where item ‘a’ was sitting.

5. click on the green check mark to close redecorating.

6. save your game then reload it. When you reload the game, your items will be stacked!

if there’s anything wrong the item will “lost”, and if you “lost” the items look in your storage box.

credit to witchiepoo from playfish forum for this restaurant city stacking tutorial :)

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  • Tom

    This is one of the only stacking guides that works

    Works as of March 2010

  • Riki-Lee

    Yes, I agree, this is 1 of the maybe 6 different ways of stacking that actually works! Thanks alot for your help!!

  • Ming

    Is it possible to stack an item that occupies 2 tiles on two connected items which occupies 1 tile each?