Restaurant City Wallet Purse

By | March 4, 2010

Restaurant City Wallet Purse ! a new feature on restaurant city, missing wallets and missing purses 🙂

What is missing wallet / purse on restaurant city ?
now you can find some missing wallets or purses in your friends restaurant when you helping friends .

but you don’t always find the missing wallets / purses 🙁

When you find the wallet or purse you will see this pop up :
Missing Wallet 
Wow! while clearing up you found a Wallet that was left behind in the restaurant!

Missing Purse
Wow! While clearing up you found a Purse that was left behind in the restaurant!

How to get the coins bonus from wallet / purse ?
If you find a missing wallet/purse, you need to post a feed. The feed will be posted not on your wall, but on your friends wall.

If your friend chooses to claim his/her missing wallet/purse they will receive 500 coins! And if they at that time chooses to give you a reward for finding the wallet/purse, they can post a feed to your wall where you can accept a 500 coins finders fee!

But remember, only you and your friend who are posting the feeds on each others wall can accept the free coins, any other friends who click on the feed will not receive anything. So make sure you check your own profile for missing wallets/purses and finder-fee posts from now on!

If you don’t find anything you will see this pop up :

“Although you didn’t find anything interesting here today, come back tomorrow to look for bonus items left behind by your friend and their customers!”

do you love this new bonus feature ? if you do you can start looking the missing wallet / purse on restaurant city now 🙂

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  • Dane

    Thanks, I was wondering how to use those darn things ..

  • Vivian

    I had that happen, but right after i “sent my grattitude ” to my friend, my money was erased to zero!