Riddle Me That Level 61 – 80 Answers

By | July 18, 2013

Have fun with the riddle questions ? i hope you don’t get stressed out because of the riddles, thankfully we can help you with riddle me that level 61 – 80 answers if you find them to difficult to solve so you can pass with the solution cheats for each stage 😛
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level 61 : Rainbow = Violet, indigo, blue and green, yellow, orange and red. These are the colors you have seen after the storm level 62 : Candle = I was carried into a dark room and set on fire. I wept and then my head was cut off. What am I?
level 63 : Job = What does no man want, yet no man want to lose
level 64 : Waterfall = This old one runs forever, but never moves at all. He has not lungs nor throat, but still a mighty roaring call. What is it?
level 65 : Time = Mountains will crumble and temples will fall, and no man can survive its endless call. What is it?
level 66 : Umbrella = What can go up a chimney down, but cannot go down a chimney up?
level 67 : Wind = I pass before the sun, yet make no shadow. What am I?
level 68 : Fleas = When they are caught, they are thrown away. When they escape you itch all day. What are they?
level 69 : Milk = You can spin, wheel and twist, but this thing can turn without moving. What is it?
level 70 : Sunshine = Never resting, never still. Moving silently from hill to hill. It does not walk, run or trot, all is cool where it is not.


level 71 : Pupil = Different lights do make me strange, thus into different sizes I will change.
level 72 : Twelve = When asked how old she was, Suzie replied, “In two years I will be twice as old as I was five years ago”. How old is she?
level 73 : level 70 : Wheelbarrow = I have two arms but fingers none. I have two feet but cannot run. I carry well but I have found I carry best with my feet off the ground. What am I?
level 74 : Shoe = What has a tongue, cannot walk, but gets around a lot?
level 75 : Stockings = What has feet and legs and nothing else?
level 76 : Doughnut = What has no beginning, end or middle?
level 77 : Anchor = What do you throw out when you want to use it, but take in when you don’t want to use it?
level 78 : Bell = You hear it speak for it has a hard tongue. But it cannot breathe, for it has not a lung. What is it?
level 79 : Noise = What is that which goes with a car, comes with a car, is of no use to a car and yet the car cannot go without it?
level 80 : School Bus = What is big and yellow and comes in the morning to brighten a mom’s day?

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