Risen 2 Dark Waters Maps and Locations

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Need information regarding risen 2 dark waters maps ? like how many locations are placed in the map ?

thanks to André Feroi who took all the Maps of the world and the other islands pictures :D here are the guide for all locations list including DLC map :

Homeland of the South Sea pirates.
Antigua Map Locations :
- Large waterfall
- Harbour town
- Fishermen’s hut
- Grotto
- Mac’s tower
- Spring

The residence of the Supreme Council. In the Crystalline Fortress is the Inquisition.
Caldera Map Locations :
- High Council
- Crystal Fortress
- Beach

Holy Island natives. Here, according to rumors, is a passage into another world.
Dead Island Map Locations :
- Altar of Transition
- Arena
- Entrance
- Thief’s Temple

A small, sleepy and totally uninhabited island people.
Isle of Thieves Map Locations :
- Port
- Gnomes’ village
- Treasure Cave

The second strong point of the Inquisition in the Arbor, along with the Sword Coast. Here, dense jungle and hide many deadly secrets.
Marakayskaya Bay Map Locations :
- Garcia’s ship
- Maracai village
- Shaman
- Old camp
- Ancestral grave

Mariners shun the island. It’s too dangerous.
Isle of Storms Map (DLC) Locations :
- Barrier
- Port
- Small camp
- Air Temple

The first strong point of the Inquisition in the Arbor. Much of this region is covered with dense jungle.
Sword Beach Map Locations :
- Port
- Graveyard
- Inquisition’s tower
- Jade Cave
- Pirates’ tower
- Puerto Isabella
- Shaganumbi village
- Temple of the Ancestors
- Earth Temple

Sugar Island. In addition to the sugar plantation in the Inquisition is a small island east of the pirate’s nest.
Takarigua Map Locations :
- Large gate
- Jack’s lighthouse
- Pirates’ den
- Puerto Sacarico
- Vasco’s tower

This island lies far to the side of ordinary sea-going ways and displayed on a very few cards.
Treasure Island Map (DLC) Locations :
- Port
- Mangroves
- Gorge

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