Risen 2 Skill Herb Locations Lists

By | May 8, 2012

Need a list of skill herbs location in risen 2 dark water ? you can find the guide below where to find each plants 🙂

all credits thanks to Uchiha Chris who made it on the risen 2 forums

You can learn brewing in the Native’s village @ The Sword Coast.

risen 2 brewing recipes list:

Fool’s Juice (Jester’s Cap)
Bought from: Kapua in Native Village @ The Sword Coast
Ingredients: 1 Jester’s Cap, 1 Black Oleander, 1 Monkey Skull
Effect: Increases all Cunning Talents by 2 permanently.

Sharpeye Paste (Sharpeye)
Bought from: Di Silva in the inn @ Caldera
Ingredients: 1 Sharpeye, 1 Powdered Poppy Seed, 1 Acid Gland
Effect: Increases all Firearms Talents by 2 permanently.

Swordthorn Essence (Swordthorn)
Bought from: Emma @ Antigua
Ingredients: 1 Swordthorn, 1 Choking Vine, 1 Panther Paw
Effect: Increases all Firearms Talents by 2 permanently.

Graveroot Extract (Graveroot)
Bought from: Malaika in Native Village @ Maracai Bay
Ingredients: 1 Graveroot, 1 Spirit Lily, 1 Bone
Effect: Increases all Voodoo Talents by 2 permanently.

risen 2 plants list :

Hero’s Crown
Crystal Cave on first Island
Sword Coast near Monkey Tower (opposite of the cave you are asked to check out when you go with steelbeard to the natives camp)
Sword Coast – Hill overlooking Earth Temple
Antigua – Northwestern Island
Maracai Bay – Climb up some cliffs east of Angus
Thieves Island – Northernmost point, on a cliff.
Antigua – Near Garcia’s Treasure
Treasure Isle – In Mangrove Jungle, to the right from the cave exit you will find a skull on a stake and to the left of the stake you see an alligator, next to it, the crown.

Sword Coast – unknown
Antigua – On the right, after exiting the caves outside of Harbour.
Thieves Island – Slayne’s Cave
Thieves Island – Northernmost cave
Isle of the Dead – Arena
Treasure Isle – Valley of the monkey trap
Maracai Bay – Down the valley straight ahead past Habib
Maracai Bay – Near the entrance to the Hidden Valley
Tacarigua – Near Vasco’s Tower, on the hill with the boar and the chest.

Tacirigua – Ghoul Camp on the edge of the island, near small “connecting island”
Sword Coast – Bat Cave behind Native tower upriver
Sword Coast – Jaguar Cave
Antigua – Graveyard
Isle of the Dead – Easternmost part of the map
Isle of the Dead – Around Thief’s Temple
Treasure Isle – In the cave system after Gorilla valley
Maracai Bay – Panther Cave
Maracai Bay – in the hidden valley, at the secret treasure, at the foot of the temple

Sword Coast – Graveyard
Caldera – Mauregato’s hosue
1 more on either Sword Coast or Tacirigua, I started writing down locations after I found this
Sword Coast – On the beach by Puerta Isabella (unconfirmed)
Antigua – Southwestern most beach
Thieves Island – Northwest of Port, on a hill
Maracai Bay – Up some cliffs, on the path to Harlok
Maracai Bay – Southernmost point of the map, south-east of the native village.

Jester’s Cap
Sword Coast – Earth Temple
Calderra – Town Square
Antigua – Hobgoblin seacave
Antigua – Beach near lookout tower (west)
Thieves Island – Slayne’s Cave
Isle of the Dead – Near entrance
Isle of the Dead – North of Thief’s Temple, on the outer side of a house, edge of cliff
Treasure Isle – In the cave system after Gorilla valley
Maracai Bay – Climb up the hills, heading southwest after Habib
Tacarigua – Blow up the secret cave with the cannons, south of the Pirates Large Gate

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  • Layth

    I didn’t find the Swordthorn Essence recipe with Emma, where else can I find it?
    Note: does joining the natives remove the recipe from your game?

  • Layth

    Nevermind, it seems that the recipe is only available after completing the Isle of Thieves, right after I got back to Antigua from the Isle of Thieves, I went to check on Emma and there it was.