Room Escape Apartment Walkthrough

By | February 12, 2013

RE apartment is a new door escape game by mobest media room, in this series you are trapped in the apartment and need to find 6 keys ! with room escape apartment walkthrough you can find them easily 🙂

each puzzle items connected one to each other so make sure you find the hints !

click on the painting on wall and fix the puzzle to get a complete picture and get your first key


click the table and use the chess pattern on each yellow square:
white – black – white
black – white – black
white – black – white
get your second key

go left, tap the sofa and get a scissors
back to right and click on the plant
use the scissors to cut the bushes, see 4 roman numbers ?

tap on the kitchen floor to see 0000 numbers
change them into 8437 and earn 3rd key

go left twice, click the painting
tilt your phone / device to left
get a knife

go right and click the chair
use the knife on the chair to get 4th key


press the floor under chair
change the 4 dots into :
black – red
red – red
get a chisel

go left change the TV dots into :
black – white – white – white – white – black
black – black – black – black – black – black
you get these from sofa
get a hammer

go left click the oven
change the heights order to :
4 – 2 – 3 – 1
these order are from the vase near chess board
get the 5th key


tap on the coconut with chisel then select hammer
shake your phone to get 6th key

open the door with all 6 keys

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