Room Escape Attic Walkthrough

By | April 15, 2013

Another puzzle guide from Mobest Media game series : room escape attic walkthrough where you must find 6 keys by solving the puzzles and escape from the attic ! Find the answers for each keys and break out!

even though when you start the game the guide said that some puzzle required shaking, i don’t find anything to be shake 😛 only some tools to find and press it on other items 😀

here are the solutions for room escape attic cheats :
click behind cabinet and get a pliers

look at the pot height : 3241
move twice to the right and click the bar behind tv
change the height order to get first key

get a sawblade machine under the table
click the painting on wall and fix the puzzle for 2nd key
look at the telephone and remember the missing hole position : 12,3,4,6,9,10

go to right twice, and click on the floor
tap the numbers like the phone to get 3rd key
click on the chair and look at the number : 1875

move left and click the elephant to put the numbers
get the 4th key
click the tv and use sawblade to get a hammer

move to left twice and click the lamp with hammer to get 5th key
click the ship to look the cannon position
tap the shelf and change the skull into sword like the cannon
get the 6th key

go right and put all the keys then use the pliers to open the lock

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