Room Escape Basement Walkthrough

By | March 4, 2013

It’s cold in here, you need to escape from this room with 6 keys a mobest media new game ! the guide to find each key is available here in room escape basement walkthrough !

here’s the hint :
there are 2 tools that you can pick to inventory, and 1 key need to be tilting in order to obtain it !

room escape basement solutions :
remember the vase heights :
1 3 2 4

click on the TV and look at the button color : yellow – red – blue
tap the bed and change the 3 square color to get the 1st key

go to right and look at the shelf pattern :

click the top shelf and change the heights like the vase to get 2nd key

go to right
fix the painting and get the 3rd key
look under the sofa to get an axe
use the axe to break the cabinet and get 4th key

go to right
change the x pattern like the shelf to get a saw
click the machine and tilt your phone / device to left to make the 5th key drop
get it


go to right
click on the wheel and use the saw to the x mark
get the 6th key

open the door with this 6 keys 🙂

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