Room Escape Bedroom Walkthrough

By | March 16, 2013

You’re Trapped in a bedroom, find 6 keys to escape in these mobest media game series ! we already collect all the key location in room escape bedroom walkthrough here !

ignore the (?) hint tutorial, because i don’t need to shake anything to solve the puzzles 😛 you only need to find 2 tools to get some keys

here are the solution for room escape bedroom :
fix the puzzle on right wall into a phoenix picture
get the 1st key when you’re done

remember the hanger ball size : big small medium
click on the left pillow, get a rock

tap the plant and change the height into : 1 4 3 2 to get 2nd key
you can get this hint from the cabinet glass (top)

go to left room
change the 3 color of the monitor screen into : white yellow brown
you can get the colors from piano foot color
get the 3rd key


go to the left and press the clock
drag the wood up to get a screwdriver
back to the bedroom and use it to get 4th key

go left
use the rock on the harp, get a mini shovel
back to the door, use the shovel on the plant to find 5th key


click on the plant, change like the hanger size : big small medium
get the 6th key

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