Room Escape Doors Walkthrough

By | December 6, 2012

Guide for mobest media new game : room escape doors walkthrough Let’s escape this place with 6 keys

find a room with 4 doors and enter the keys on the right one to escape

solution to find each key answer :

solve the picture puzzle on left side for a key
get a tool under the table, and remember the height of the statue : 2 3 1 4

click the plant for a sandpaper, use it on the right side of the cabinet to reveal the numbers : 4786
there’s a key on right side, i think you must use the tool to get this key

click the left pillow for key, remember the colors : red – green – yellow – blue
tap the right floor and enter the numbers : 4786 to get key

go to the door and open left door and click for the right height order (small to tall) : 2 3 1 4
open middle door for colors : red green yellow blue

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  • Beth

    I have tried everything. I cannot get the key out of the cabnet.

  • Lucy

    I have tried countless times as well. Although my red tool is highlighted, I cannot get the key out of the cabinet.

    • admin

      To get the key out the cabinet click on the red tool and shake your phone the glass will break, the problem is.. not many phone / device will work 😐 they must fix this first

  • heather

    When will this be fixed? I’m ready to delete the app

  • LoniJo

    I have gotten the keys put them in the door….now what do i do . It wont open