Room Escape House Walkthrough

By | May 6, 2013

On this mobest media room escape series you will be trapped inside a house, where now you must find 7 keys to escape ! solve the mini puzzle and use all the hints on each room to get the answers, we will guide you with room escape house walkthrough to help you find each door key 😀

here are the room escape – house solutions :

let’s start by clicking the sofa, tap the left red cushion to get a swiss army knife
remember the colors of the cushion : green red green red white white
there’are 4 buttons on the wall, look on the coat hanger on door room to see the connection (go to left and right wall)
here’s the answer to get the 1st key :
– – – x
– x – –
x – – –
– – x –

go to the right and tap the floor, where you can see 6 yellow square
change the color into the cushion colors and get your 2nd key
click the TV and use the swiss army knife to get 3rd key
remember the X and O position on the white table

move to the right and tap the red device under the stairs, it’s a bike machine
tilt to the right and get an ax
tap the picture on the wall, complete the puzzle so you get key number 4

move to the right and click the stairs
remember the color of the stair fences
move twice to the left, and click the drawer under the TV
change the color like the stairs : yellow black yellow 2x black 2x yellow 2x
get the 5th key

back to picture puzzle on the wall and look under the chair, there’s some triangle that you can change
change it into the X and O :
O + +
O O +
+ + O
you will get the 6th key

move to the sofa where you can see the shelf on the left side
click the right side near plant, use the ax to get the last key

use all key to open the door and escape !

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