Room Escape Living Room Walkthrough

By | April 24, 2013

You trapped in the living room and need to escape, find 6 keys all over the rooms and escape ! solve the mini puzzle to get each key, if you need help to reveal where are the keys position we have room escape living room walkthrough just for you 😀
there’s 1 puzzle that need to be tilting your device, other than that the rest are easy to solve 😀

here are the mobest media game room escape living room solutions :
lets start from fireplace, take a look at the size of cat statue on left
now change the block into : 4 2 3 1 like the cat size and get your 1st key
click the tile under fireplace, tilt your phone / device to the right and get 2nd key

go to the left room
look on the picture, solve the puzzle and get 3rd key

go to left and look on the wall, there’s a number 0925
remember the height of each numbers
look on the left plant, change the dark wood color into the same height like the numbers
you will have an electric saw

back to the right and examine the tv table
change the 0 number into 0925 and get a screwdriver

look under the table in middle, what is that black little hole ?
use electric saw from inventory and get your 4th key

go to the door and examine the lamp
use the screwdriver to open and get 5th key
look at the plant on the table, there are 4 flower with different color.. remember it
click the painting on the wall and change the color like the flowers, you will have your last key 😀

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