Room Escape Prison Walkthrough

By | December 4, 2012

Mobest media change the main name from quick escape to a new one, room escape prison walkthrough give you all the hint answer where to locate the 6 keys to open the door !

I had some good and bad days in prison but now it is getting worse – even playing chess doesn’t amuse me anymore. I must escape fast!

solution :
remember the chess board piece position : 4E
and look at the weight lifting numbers : 25 15 10

click the bed and enter E4 to get key and get the pliers
solve the painting puzzle to get key

take a screwdriver under the bed and face your screen down to the table so the key out from sewer
on the top, click the brick to enter : 85
where you got the code from the floor near door :
20 + 30 – 0 = 50 + 45 – 10 = 85
get the key

open the panel on right with screwdriver then cut with pliers, the key will drop
finally go to the toilet and put the color of the pillow : dark blue purple light blue dark blue to find the last key

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