Room Escape Strange Room Walkthrough

By | April 28, 2013

On this mobest media game series you’re trapped on room with bicycle, miniature house and missiles ! Read where to find 6 keys for you to escape in room escape strange room walkthrough !

on this room there’s 1 puzzle that you need to tilt and get an item

here are the strange room solutions :

press the picture on wall, and tilt you phone / device to right to get a wrench
tap the sofa and look behind the pillow to get an axe
press the sewing machine on left floor
use the wrench and remove the bolt to open so you can get 1st key
press the ship in the middle and remember the color spot

go to left and press the sofa table
change the color for 6 dots like the ship to get 2nd key
b l b
l l b
enlarge the speaker and remember the order of size and color : white black black

go to other side and examine the floor behind the bicycle
change the circle color like the speaker to get 3rd key
look at the house model on left and zoom in
you need something heavy for this one, use the axe to get a glove

check the chart on wall and remember the number for each corner height :
7 3 6 2
go to the right and look on the yellow thing
input the numbers and get 4th key

look on the picture and complete the puzzle for 5th key

press the tank and remember the missile color
back to the 1st room with sofa
look behind the house to see the floor
use glove to move the square and reveal 4 white square, change it to :
yellow green
blue red
and get the last key 😀

go to the door and input all the key to open !

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