Salad Bar In Cafe World

By | January 28, 2011

Salad Bar In Cafe World ! satisfy demands for healthier food ! Build your salad bar and get the ingredients your customers desire !

cafe world salad bar

Remember to keep your salad bar stocked. Customers will only pay you for a salad if you have the right ingredients and it’s not empty !

how salad bar works in cafe world :
– Customers will eat salad before their main meal, giving you more coins per customer.
– Your some of your customers will walk right to the Salad Bar before they sit, so you do not need to serve the salad.
– You can restock your Salad Bar with Café Coins OR Cash!
– As an extra benefit, the customers will walk up and appear to run their noses on the sneeze guard! (Unintended, but funny, nonetheless)

to build salad bar you will need to collect :
1 display case
2 sneeze guard
4 salad box
2 salad tong

when you finish you can restock your salad bar

and serving it to customers

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