Santa vs Zombies Walkthrough

By | December 14, 2013

Santa vs Zombies Walkthrough ! Santa Claus got busy this year so we must help him with this game by Amphibius Developers, in 1 house the dead are walking and old Saint Nick has just added them to the naughty list.
Santa’s Christmas Morning Checklist :
– clear the house of all zombies
– create your own snowman
– decorate the christmas tree

santa vs zombies solutions :
plug the light so the christmas lights turn on
get the dart arrow on tree, key on snow ground and ice on ceiling
open the door and kill the zombie with ice, get a snowman’s scarf on bag and garage remote
find some wrench, train track around this room
open the garage to get axe, dynamo and train track piece
connect the train track + dynamo and turn on the train to get a cutter
use the cutter on the gift box under the christmas tree


open the box on chair using code from dice on kitchen
put the sock on the chimney and enter 90023 code from crayon
get a weapon and connect it with ammo
open the kitchen door using key from dart and kill 2 zombies
get the shovel, cloth and matches
use the cloth on the picture for blue and red dots
use the shovel outside to get branches and matches hint
open the suitcase inside car’s trunk for another weapon
kill 2 zombies inside bathroom and complete your task

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