Sexy Cosplay Vector Character

By | May 16, 2009

sexy_cosplay_vector_character You know how i loved to see people cosplaying as anime or game characters, that’s why i collected some cosplay photos at Sexy Cosplay Photo Gallery. Where you can see many sexy and cool cosplay photo with all cute cosplayer.

And what if i couldn’t find any photos of some cosplay that i wanted to see badly ? You know i’ll hunt any cosplay photos in any website just to see that cosplay…

Well.. maybe i’ll make one ? make the cosplay ? yeah.. oh not exactly… what i mean is that maybe i’ll draw that character in human form, pick the model who suitable with the character 😀

Like this one here.. maybe a long time ago i wanted to see cala cosplay badly… You don’t know who cala is ? maybe you should ask google 😛 and search for Viper RSR


i made this vector with adobe illustrator, if you want to to know how to make this vector you can see my how to create a vector from photo / tracing Tutorial.

Like i said before, first i must choose a model that suitable for cala. Lets see.. hmm big boobs… who got big boobs ? should i choose my friend for this ? maybe i’ll get killed tomorrow 😛
Let’s pick some famous actress… like JAV actress 😀 they sure got big boobs 🙂 and a lots of photo references.
Okay.. after we got the model.. we started to trace it, don’t forget to pick a sexy pose too 😀 and start to trace digitally. And combine the costume altogether, change the hairstyle, color, etc…
It would take some time.. so be patient for this okay 😀 Good Luck

Btw.. do you know who’s the model i used ? guess the girl’s name 😀

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