SimCity Social Especially For You Quest

By | July 18, 2012

Have you unlocked hot air balloons on friendly gifts ? because you’ll need it for simcity social especially for you quest

you’ll get this task from don brown, here’s the guide

especially for you mission requirements :
– have a neighbor
leave a hot air balloons surprise in a friend’s city


how to get hot air balloons in simcity social :
Hot air balloons are surprises you can leave after completing good actions, and bird pooping is after completing bad actions.
In your friends’ city, just watch the status bar at the top of the screen (under the population status bar)
After you complete an action (doing 5 good things), it should countdown how many more you need to do until it says “Ready”.
Click the “Ready” button to leave a surprise !

tips :
When you are visiting your friend, the actions that you do will drop little green packages which will fly up and accumulate under the relationship status bar that shows under the name of your friend’s city.
Once you have collected enough of these to send your friend a gift you will see a button that says Ready.
Click it to leave them a surprise!

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  • Anonymous

    Is this quest bugged?
    I’ve fired of clips of 20+ friendly actions at Don Brownburg (way more than the 5 described), and not once gotten anything that looks like what is described here or elsewhere.
    I am at two stars (Allies) with him, about to be three stars, but it just doesn’t seem to be working.