Sims Social A Lily By Any Other Name Missions

By | January 10, 2013

Have you met bella’s aunt in sims social a lily by any other name missions ? she is a world famous author !

Lily has been working on a new book and has a bit of writers block ! what she neds is a muse… so i thought of you !

walkthrough guide :

part 1:
Go to Bella to tell her you’re Lily’s biggest fan.
Get Ivory tower tree
Click a bookshelf and “brush up” on Victorian literature 3 times


part 2:
Have 5 watering cans
Have 3 Gardening tool set
Harvest 4 red flowers (15 min)

part 3:
Buy a VicAge harp
Click harp and “Harpbreak hotel” 3 times
Click on 3 sims and read poetry

part 4:
Get 3 revelation
Buy a VicAge Mannequin
Complete VicAge Mannequin

Tips :
VicAge Mannequin cost 5.500 simoleons
materials to build : 3 plans, 4 bling, 5 ruler, 10 paint cans, 10 woodwork

part 5:
Get 3 paint can
Harvest 5 purple flowers
Complete stage 1 ivory tower tree house

part 6:
Visit and click Bella > the books done
Complete ivory tower tree house
ask over a sim, click on ivory tower tree house > swing away together 3x