Sims Social A Lofty Challenge Quest

By | July 5, 2012

Meet tabitha, this new character will guide you with sims social a lofty challenge quest ! where you can unlock helicopter as reward 🙂

oh, i haven’t seen you since, well, since you were just a baby! well, don’t fret, because tabitha’s got something you’ll always remember me by !

there are 3 task you need to complete, mission requirements :
– complete building the collexion dressing room to unlock the next 2 rooms
here are the ingredient parts you need in total to finish the dressing room :
7 nail, 1 hammer, 2 wrench, 10 muse, 6 dreams, 3 love, 9 goodwill, 19 fashion Magazine, 14 glamour, 10 beauty, 4 relaxation, 13 buttons, 4 cloth, 20 perfume, 3 red fabric, 12 fashion accessories, 15 makeup, love, 4 admiration, 3 hype, 15 golden thimble 15 (so + 2 muse +2 beauty +2 glamour per thimble => additional 30 of each)

– complete building the cuisinemuse master kitchen to unlock the final 2 rooms
1x Paint, 2x Charcoal, 2x Paintbrush, 2x Water Bottle, 3x Entertainment, 3x Muse, 3x Spoonful Of Sugar, 3x Wrench, 4x Hammer, 6x Nails, 6x Soft Pillow, 7x Water, 8x Cloth, 10x Apple, 10x Fruit, 10x Mixing Bowl, 13x Power Drill, 25x Solid Wood, 26x Screws, 29x Steel

– complete building the zecutime home office to complete your loft


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