Sims Social A Tale of Two Twins Mission

By | August 2, 2012

Build quantum orbital kitchen in sims social a tale of two twins mission !

I’ve heard you’ve pretty good in the kitchen. Of course people would say that… but they don’t have good taste like me…
Since i’m here, you got anything to eat or drink ? and if you pitch in on the search of the missing chess piece, i can be outta your hair quickly

quest requirements walkthrough :

a tale of two twins part 1
– have quantum orbital kitchen (free)
– click on stove or microwave > Rustle Up For Eugene Grub
– look for chess piece or puzzle cube around your house and investigate

a tale of two twins part 2
– click sims and ask “Has Been Acting Weird Eugene?”
– play SimSnap mini game
– get inspired

a tale of two twins part 3
– click sims > “Explain You Met Eugenia”
– have 1x Bouquet
– click on the quantum orbital kitchen > Make Hybrid Flowers!

a tale of two twins part 4
– play SimSnap mini game 2x
– craft SimSnap boost 1x
– have 8 muse

a tale of two twins part 5
– go to bella house for Drinkbot Tweeky > Get Eugenia A Drink
– play SimSnap mini game and get 3000 points
– have 1 hope

a tale of two twins part 6
– click Audikey PureTone Lazer Harp on bella house > Compose Victory Tune
– post a feed and get friends to click it to try the new mini game simsnap 7x
– click Quantum Orbital Kitchen > Make Victory Cocktail!