Sims Social All Over The Shop Quest

By | December 25, 2011

Help Macy on sims social all over the shop quest and you’ll get B Lenn Coffee Set that can increase 700 house value as reward !

the task quite difficult this time, because you’ll need to have 10 friends help you with the request.. since this christmas day.. i don’t think my friends will be playing >.< and you only have 1 day+ to finish this quest here are the mission requirements : - have 10 magazines - spend at least 1000 simoleons on items in the shop - ask 4 sims for shopping recommendations sims-social-all-over-the-shop-quest

tips :
– request magazines from friends
– click shop and spend 1000 simoleons on any items
– click 4 sims then “recommendations” action

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