Sims Social Anniversary Fun Missions

By | August 9, 2012

Complete mini quest every day for a week 2 days given with each sims social anniversary fun missions

Time to complete : 10 days

See below for day to day mini quest walkthrough.

day 1 : happy birthday sims social quest
Click a Scidaddle City Scooter then “Admire European-ness”
Have SwingSpot Anniversary edition in house
Buy anything from new collection in shop

Tips :
Scooter is at Bella’s, on main street
SwingSpot is free in shop (but it’s a project item with 10 days to get a cat statue)

day 2 :
– click a likelife inflatable castle then “mock her silly majesty”
– have goodwill
– click clothes > buy pixelated bath towel outfit

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