Sims Social Big Muscles In Littlehaven Quest

By | June 7, 2012

One of the requirements for gymtastic quest is to finish the sims social big muscles in littlehaven quest for the reward 🙂

Hey, I’m barbara ! We’ve met before right ? I’m, y’know, the athletic one.
My character hasn’t really been fleshed out beyond that. Kinda one dimensional if you ask me.

Steps : 5 missions
Days to complete : 7

misión requirements :

part 1 :
– Click treadmill and check fitness level
– Click sims then panic
– Get free Fitts SimZum mat from shop

Tip :
Bella has a treadmill, but you can use any treadmil.

part 2 :
– Have 4 water bottles
– Click weighmachine (at Bella’s) and weight training 5 times
– Click Bellas weight machine then spot for you

Tips :
Water bottles drop when weight training

part 3 :
– Harvest 8 chilis
– Have relaxation
– Click trampoline and try not break a leg 5 times

Tips :
Chilis take 8 hours to grow
If you sold your garden plot, you can buy new ones for 1000simoleons in outdoor section of shop
Trampoline is outside Bella’s house, on terrace

part 4 :
– buy an outfit with 1000 simoleons
– have peaches
– click your simzum mat then dance crazily two days in a row

Tips :
get peaches by leveling up your athletic skill

part 5 :
– have stopwatches
– earn 750 simoleons from athletic skill items
– tell your friends that you’re one step away from being mr. or miss multiverse 7x

Tips :
get stopwatches by asking your friends

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