Sims Social Bottoms Up Quest

By | December 27, 2011

Bella Goth need our help preparing some drinks and decorations in sims social bottoms up quest for the holidays.

and as reward you can get a winter roses vase that increase 1150 house value

you can finish these task in 5 minutes if you already have enough ornaments 😀

mission requirements :
– borrow drinks from 5 different sims fridges
– collect 12 ornaments
– go to bella’s and click on 5 drinks to prepare them


tips :
– click friends’ fridges then “borrow drinks”
– ask friends for ornaments, find from yard (christmas items) or collect from crops
– click any drinks in bella’s house then “prepare”

stay tuned for new year’s because bella said that there’s even more suprises await 🙂